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The Access Project

Note: The Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals for the Global Health & Climate Change program area.

The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria is a multi-billion dollar international financing mechanism intended to combat these scourges by dramatically increasing the availability of funding for practical health initiatives. Unlike much international development aid, Global Fund support is available only to programs that developing countries design and implement themselves. This is an innovative and integrated approach that encourages cooperation between donors, recipient governments, businesses and individuals. The Global Fund also promotes national ownership of programs with countries writing and submitting their own proposals.

From 2001- 2013 the Access Project was a joint effort of the Glaser Progress Foundation and Columbia University. Founded by Rob Glaser and economist Jeffrey Sachs, phase one of the Access Project provided support to Global Fund initiatives in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Malawi, South Africa, Rwanda, Angola, Namibia, and Haiti. Access Project advisers offered hands-on strategic planning to governments of developing countries and organizations applying for funding, helped to evaluate existing programs, identified the most successful models and monitored implementation of these new programs when funded. While this support was successful in securing program funding of more than a billion dollars from the Global Fund, the project embarked on its next phase to help countries implement and monitor Global Fund-financed programs.

Phase two of the Access Project operated in Rwanda. Although millions of health dollars were flowing into Rwanda, the limitations of the country's remote health centers often kept these resources from reaching those most in need. The Access Project shifted its efforts from the national to local level. Access Project worked closely with the government of Rwanda to equip the existing health system with the management support that it needed to effectively deliver and sustain essential health services throughout the country.

With this model of empowering health clinics - one by one, district by district - the goal of improving the entire country's health was achieved. Through its efforts Access Project enabled healthier lives and communities, facilitated development and prosperity; and made massive, sustainable, and scalable strides toward alleviating the crisis of AIDS, TB and malaria in Rwanda.

The Access Project was housed at the Center for Global Health and Economic Development, a joint venture of Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health and the Earth Institute that focuses on mobilizing global health programs to aid resource-poor countries in addressing poverty and the burden of disease. In 2014 Access Project became part of Rwanda Works, which is now Health Builders.

20012013 Access Project grant awards totaled $10,886,000


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