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Animal Advocacy

The Animal Channel
Over $500,000 in grants from the Foundation helped, a project of The Humane Society of the United States, become the leading destination for streaming media on animal issues. Staffed by veterans of print, broadcast and digital media, Animal Channel has been at the forefront of the nonprofit community's use of streaming media with daily updates ranging from original films and documentaries to commentaries and hard news. Animal Channel streams hundreds of hours of animal programming daily on topics as diverse as urban wildlife, whale hunting, international conferences on endangered species, slaughterhouse investigations and pet tips. While reaching for the highest journalistic standards, Animal Channel credibly and persuasively argues for better treatment for animals.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Known for its provocative way of inserting humane issues into public discourse, PETA has become synonymous with the modern animal rights movement. This organization is also well known for it's unblinking if unpleasant depiction of animals being used for food, clothing, experimentation, entertainment and sport. Sharing PETA's belief that seeing is believing, the Foundation assisted PETA in the creation of a streaming video library, bringing the rich PETA warehouse of multimedia content to new internet audiences. The effort has coalesced around PETA TV, a web channel exhorting for a more informed and compassionate approach to animals. Towards this effort the Foundation has contributed $128,000.

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