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Note: The Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals for the Global Health & Climate Change program area.

Global health leaders agree climate change is one of the greatest health threats of the 21st century. As global temperatures rise, communities around the world are facing health risks from extreme heat and storms, shifting disease patterns, potentially catastrophic effects on food and water security, and climate change-induced migration and conflict. Air pollution (the primary cause of climate change) may be an even larger killer, leading to over seven million deaths annually. Despite these devastating human health consequences, neither the existing measurements of the health impacts of climate change nor the global health response to the issue suggest that tackling climate change is a priority for the global health community.

Glaser Progress Foundation is exploring initiatives and partnerships with the goal of building a stronger international policy response to climate change by engaging global health leadership in advocacy and communications on the devastating impacts of climate change on human health. Goals include:

· Building social consensus on the need for climate action by putting human health
   and welfare at the heart of the climate change agenda;
· Mobilizing the global health community to take on a stronger role in advocating for
   climate change solutions; and
· Driving innovation in the health sector's response to climate change to build greater
   resilience to and minimize the negative effects of climate change

Resources and past Glaser Progress Foundation global health initiatives:

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