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Independent Media

The Independent Media Center (IMC) is a collectively-run network of media outlets for the creation of radical, accurate and passionate tellings of the truth. It was established by independent and alternative media organizations and activists in 1999 to provide grassroots coverage of the World Trade Organization (WTO) protests in Seattle. The Center acted as an information clearinghouse for journalists and provided up-to-the-minute reports, photos, audio and video footage through its websites. With thousands of volunteers and contributors around the world and millions of visitors to its sites, the Independent Media Center has been recognized as one of the most innovative and successful "new media" projects launched. Through a decentralized and autonomous network, hundreds of media activists have replicated independent media centers on every continent, with more to come. The innovative design of this collectively-run network allows and inspires people to "self-publish" important media to local and global audiences. The Center's websites allow for direct posting of text, video, audio and image content by anyone in the world with access to a computer and the Internet. The absence of editorial filters and publication delays allows for "real time" reporting, a unique advantage that has motivated activists, corporate media reporters and government agencies to regularly visit the Center's sites. The Foundation has supported this effort over the last two years with $40,000 in grants.

Democracy Now!
Democracy Now! is a national, listener-sponsored public radio and TV show, pioneering the largest community media collaboration in the country. The program was launched six years ago as the only daily election show in public broadcasting. Because of its success, Democracy Now! broadened its focus and became a national news show committed to bringing the voices of the marginalized to the airwaves on issues ranging from the global to the local. In 2001, the Foundation awarded Democracy Now! a $40,000 grant for its production of The War and Peace Report, a daily news program on the Internet, 40 radio stations and 70 community television stations throughout the United States. Hosted by Amy Goodman, recipient of the George Polk Award in 1998, this program offers views and information not available on other media. is a project of the Independent Media Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening and supporting independent and alternative journalism. First launched in 1998, AlterNet's online magazine provides a mix of news, opinion and investigative journalism on subjects ranging from the environment, the drug war, technology and cultural trends to policy debate, sexual politics and health issues. By providing quality journalism, dependable research, issue-focused public interest content and passionate advocacy, it equips readers to make informed decisions about problems that affect us all. The Foundation awarded a $35,000 grant in 2001.

Adbusters Media Foundation
Unsustainable consumption. Flawed measures of economic progress. A toxic mental environment. Media Concentration. For over ten years, Adbusters Media Foundation has been a pioneer of "social marketing," moving the most critical issues of our time into the public eye in its inimitable, unblinking style. Vancouver-based Adbusters is a global network of self-described social provocateurs and culture jammers -- artists, activists, writers, pranksters, students, educators and entrepreneurs -- inventing a movement befitting the information age. Known for its attention-getting magazine and television subvertisments and unfomercials, Adbusters now intends to marry words and video with the creation of Adbusters TV, an international social activist channel available on the Internet with the aim of toppling existing power structures and forging a major shift in the way we live in the 21st century. Adbusters TV is an initiative funded by the Foundation through a two-year $151,500 grant in 2001.


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